Monday, November 19, 2007


Camie Stewart was born and grew up in a small closed-minded town called Simville. Unlike the rest of the other towns in sunny, lively island Lenton, Simville was a very conservative town, where all the girls had one dream - to find a nice man, get married, and have children. And most of them got married while still in their teens.

Except for one girl. Camie Stewart. Since she was a young girl, she had always had dreams beyond this peaceful suburban nightmare. And at sixteen, it seemed like her dreams were going to come true. Her parents move to Pennsburgh, a town that was just bursting with nightlife, and high standard living. She befriends Sandy, a very popular girl - and soon becomes part of the in-crowd.

But will everything be stars and roses for Camie? Does she really have to compromise her love for Bryan, in order to have it all? Is Trey really Mr. Right? Will she manage to escape "the curse of Simville" and become something else besides a housewife? And what happens when her old childhood friend from Simville, Romy, comes to town?